Tea of the Month Club
Tea of the Month Club
Tea of the Month Club
Tea of the Month Club
Tea of the Month Club

Tea of the Month Club

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 Delight the tea lover in your life with a special delivery – month after month!

A Taste of Britain will send two bags of our special loose leaf teas to you or your loved one each month. Each bag is filled with 3-4 ounces of high quality leaves, enough to brew 40-60 cups. Thoughtfully packaged, these are certainly gift-worthy. Imagine an endless supply of new tea flavours, many blended exclusively for ATOB’s Tea of the Month Club members!

For each subscription, please select your tea variety and your subscription duration:

 Tea Variety

  • Black Teas - We will send 2 bags of black teas each month. These teas may include traditional favourites, seasonal flavours, and specially blended teas.
  • Variety Teas - We will send 1 black tea and 1 “other” tea each month.  The black tea may be flavoured or unflavoured, including traditional favourites, seasonal flavours, and special blends. The “other” tea will be green, white, herbal, or rooibos. This option provides a fabulous variety for the adventurous tea drinker!
  • Relaxation Teas - We will send 2 teas each month, and both will be decaffeinated or naturally caffeine-free.  Typically, we will include one decaffeinated black or green tea, and one herbal or rooibos (naturally caffeine-free) tea. These will also include traditional favourites, special seasonal flavours, and special blends.


Subscription Duration

  • 3 Month Subscription - We will send 2 bags of tea each month, for three months. 
  • 6 Month Subscription - We will send 2 bags of tea each month, for six months. 
  • 12 Month Subscription - We will send 2 bags of tea each month, for twelve months. 


Gifting Made Easy!

With any gift subscription order, we will enclose a beautiful personalized gift notice to the recipient in the first shipment. You can also print or save a (non-personalized) gift notice immediately by clicking here. Print the notice to enclose it in a card, or email it to the recipient to let them know what's coming!

If your order is a gift, please include the following information in the notes section of your order. We will use this information to populate your gift notice: TO, FROM, and SPECIAL NOTE. 

For example:  TO Aunt Sarah FROM Lexi, Bob, and the Kids  SPECIAL NOTE We hope you feel better soon! Relax with some tea and know we are thinking of you! xo



Select Standard (Free) Shipping at checkout.  Teas will be shipped via a trackable service (such as USPS Priority Mail) in or around the first week of each calendar month. Orders received by the last day of the month will be fulfilled in the first week of the following month.

Subscription costs include shipping within the United States. International shipments are available for an additional shipping fee. Contact our business office at 610-971-0390 to arrange international shipping.